Lee Hi introduced on Wall Street Journal as “Korea’s Adele”

YG Entertainment’s new artist Lee Hi received high praises from international daily newspaper, Wall Street Journal, and even introduced her as the “Korea’s Adele”.

On November 23, Wall Street Journal wrote a short feature on the rising star titled, “Meet the K-Pop Star Known as Korea’s Adele”. The article covered Lee Hi’s rise to stardom through the SBS talent audition show ‘K-Pop Star’ along with signing management contract with YG Entertainment.

They also mentioned her extraordinary success of her debut single, “1,2,3,4.” They reported that Lee Hi was the first female soloist to top in Billboard K-Pop Chart this year.

Lee Hi, who is still dominating in various music charts with “1,2,3,4”, recently released another song written by Park Jin Young, “Scarecrow”, and many agencies at overseas are showing great interest in her.

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