Lee Da Hae shows great interest for B2ST’s Doojoon

Actress Lee Da Hae has showed her great interest for B2ST’s Yoon Doojoon.

On the November 17th episode of KBS ‘Entertainment Weekly’, lead stars of the upcoming KBS drama ‘Iris 2’ including Lee Da Hae, Oh Yeon Soo and Lee Bum Soo sat down for an interview.

During the show, the reporter asked Lee Da Hae, “On the last interview you said you were a fan of the group INFINITE. B2ST’s Doojoon can be considered as a rival, so what do you think about him?” The actress replied, “I like Yoon Doojoon much more now. I forgot about INFINITE”, and she burst into laughter.

Previously, Lee Da Hae appeared on ‘Entertainment Weekly’ for an interview, and chose INFINITE as her most favorite idol.

Doojoon will be acting alongside Lee Da Hae in ‘Iris 2’. He will play the role of an elite agent, and form a love triangle with Jang Hyuk and Lee Da Hae.