Kim Sunggyu “I’m so shy with strangers that it could be misunderstood as me being arrogant”

He’s the first among Infinite. Leader Kim Sunggyu totally upturned the predictions of Infinite H (Hoya Dongwoo) coming out first since they slightly revealed themselves during the concerts last summer and is the first one among Infinite to release a solo album.

Kim Sunggyu appeared at the interview’s location with red hair. Wouldn’t he want to give a strong impression, starting from his outward appearance, since it’s his first solo album? “I really worried a lot. When we chose the concept, everyone worried a lot because of me, but as we tried several things, they thought that red hair fit me well so we did it with this color.”

The solo album he slightly showed he had interest in on a variety program to lead the MCs really came out. Kim Sunggyu said, looking like he still couldn’t believe it, “Doesn’t everyone dream of a solo album? I didn’t know it would really become reality. One thing came after another and I happened to be the first one doing it”.

He is Sunggyu who is assuming the heavy responsibility of being the leader in the team called Infinite but after meeting him as solo Sunggyu, he looks somewhat different. It might be because it’s his first time doing an interview alone but he looked obviously nervous. It was like seeing a similar image as when he appeared for the first time on KBS 2TV ‘Immortal Song 2’. (But he still stuttered less) In the middle of the talk he also giggled and nodded by himself, maybe because the mood was awkward.

We requested an introduction of the solo album. “It’s an album based on modern rock but it also has songs with different colors. Since I worked with Nell, it mainly gives a rock feeling and the title song is ‘60 Seconds’ I made with Sweetune. When you talk about Sweetune, you think about dance songs with a lively feel but the song has a rock style we didn’t hear so far from Sweetune.”

When he was in a rock band during his school days, did he ever imagine that he would release a solo album under his own name? “There are song with a very similar color compared to the music I dreamt of when I was in a band. When I as young I always liked the band Nell but this time Nell hyungs gave me songs. There are a lot of songs with the colors I dreamt of.”

Nell is the group Kim Sunggyu said he as admiring since predebut. From his first solo song ‘Because’ to ‘Shine’ and ‘41 Days’, it was all songs given by the ones he admired. “It was very touching. I thought that I really had to work hard so I gave my best. Actually, the thing I’m sorry about is that I don’t think I was able to express that feeling well. I’m still lacking a lot.”

His title, ‘Another Me’, expresses his wish to show that there’s another side to Kim Sunggyu than Infinite’s Sunggyu. Kim Sunggyu said, ”Infinite’s a dance group as well as being an idol group, so I wanted to show a different side of me than what I have been showing so far.” He quickly and timidly added, “But I feel like it won’t be different…”

Since this is the first solo promotion as his true job of being a singer, and not on a variety show program or in musicals, his face was full of tension even though there are still a few days left till his first stage. “It’s really strange for me to be alone like this. Since things like musicals and ‘Immortal Song 2’ were already done by the other members, I asked them a lot of questions about it, but there isn’t a member I can ask advice from for this. Although I act like I’m confident, this is really strange to me. I think this is a different feeling than when I’m with the guys.”

I listened to the process that went in creating this album and learned that this was a project that was planned out a long time ago, even if the actual recordings were done on quick notice. There was even a strange event where he had to record somewhere that wasn’t the recording studio because it overlapped with their Arena Tour preparations.

“The song, ‘60 Seconds’, was done as a guide when I recorded the ‘Infinitize’ album. After receiving this album from Nell, we quickly worked in a month and we filmed bits and pieces of the music video during the Arena Tour. Because there weren’t a lot of days left till we had to finish mastering, we rented equipment from Japan and I recorded in our hotel room before. Because Infinite’s schedule is busy, everything was done tightly. I did everything urgently because I felt like it would be too late if I took my time.”

Kim Sunggyu is revealing his own composed song for the first time ever. Although there are a couple of songs that he’s composed, he says this is the first time that they are being revealed. As if trying to emphasize it when asked about the storyline, he said, “I didn’t write about my experience.” “There was a topic that fit well to the music’s mood. I really gave you everything and offered you everything, but I didn’t love you, I never loved you, my heart wasn’t truthful, I never felt that it was love. It’s that kind of storyline, but it was a hard topic to work with when I first worked on writing the lyrics. Everyone has that kind of moment. Although you dated this person knowing that you like them, you can end up starting a different love… Although it’s not my own experience, there are situations like that.”

Kim Sunggyu, who said he’s really worried about the solo promotions because he’s very shy, stated, “I don’t have any celebrities that I’m friends with. I’m usually alone when we go to broadcasting studios, so just how lonely will it be when I’m promoting by myself as well.” Adding on, “I’m the type to become a complete friend once you befriend me. They say that I’m introverted, don’t talk much, and look like I don’t play jokes, but don’t I look confused and foolish when I’m on a show? I’m normally that kind of kid, but there are a lot of misunderstandings created. Because I don’t talk and just pass by, I’ve heard that I look arrogant.” Thinking of promoting alone, he gave out a sigh.

Meanwhile, Kim Sunggyu will be showing his first stage for his title song, ‘60 Seconds’, through KBS 2TV ‘Music Bank’ on November 23rd.

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