Kim Jang Hoon to release his album via USB sticks

Singer Kim Jang Hoon will be releasing his 10th album in USB sticks.

The singer’s agency announced that Kim Jang Hoon with be releasing his 10th studio album on December 6th. In addition to CDs, the album will be available in USB version.

The USB version package will have a 4.5cm x 6.5cm USB in a CD case, containing songs in both wave files and mp3 format as well as music videos. The 4G USB itself, which will still have over 3G of free space, will be a great souvenir for the fans.

The unusual move was prompted after Kim Jang Hoon’s trip to Las Vegas in January for the World House Electronic Exhibition in which he learnt a lot about developments in information technology.

The price of the USB album will be around 15,000 KRW, and it seems that the price range is reasonable as well.