Kim Jaejoong: “Overcoming appearance complex with acting”

*Appearance complex: Jaejoong is not happy with his looks because people only look at his appearance and think that he has no talent.

It’s necessary now to add one more title to ‘Hallyu idol star’ – ‘movie actor’.  JYJ Kim Jaejoong is full-fledgedly targeting domestic big screens.

After [almost] 10 years since debut, people only recall his ‘flower boy’ image. The audience of the movie might be a little surprised to see his ‘spoilt’ image.

I met Kim Jaejoong in a cafeteria in Jongno-gu, Seoul. He said ‘Hello’ first to me, which made me impressed. Unlike his cold looking appearance, he has the delicate charm of a native Korean youth of 26 years.

“Many people said that they didn’t expect that ‘spoilt’ image of mine. It was great that I was able to express various emotions in dramas. I was also glad that I got to work with Song Jihyo who is in the same company with me. I wanted to take opportunity as a rookie movie actor.”

Throughout the interview, he emphasized that he “doesn’t want to become an actor in one stroke.” He is satisfied to learn even from just one drama/movie. Kim Jaejoong who initially didn’t dream of becoming an actor confessed that he wanted to break free from the preconception of the public.

“At the beginning, I had the opportunity to try acting by chance, which somehow made me feel sorry towards my colleagues. I didn’t want to read the script in front of the members who were preparing to become actors. But now, I think that acting is interesting. I had serious appearance complex when I was younger. I wanted to break the ‘wall’ inside of me through the variety of acting.”

“After debut, even if I was just standing still, a lot of people asked me if I was angry. I also heard many people say ‘I don’t like him. He doesn’t give me good impression’. However if we go abroad, other members envy me the most. Maybe because I look unique, many overseas fans like me more. (Laugh) But I told my members that I envied them more. ‘You guys have a lot of fans and not much anti-fans in the country where we are born.’ I told them. Because of that appearance complex, the desire to use acting to get rid of that shell that I have made myself grew bigger. It’s not the matter of time. I don’t have confidence to do well right away either. I want to do it step by step, little by little.”

I can feel the sincerity in his words. I will celebrate his 10th debut anniversary next year but he said that he needs to constantly control his mind in order to break the preconception and misconception surrounding him.

He first realized his interest toward acting when he was filming <Dr. Jin>. Filming drama and movie at the same time, he was exhausted both physically and mentally. “Filming movie and drama, one is contemporary, other is historical but I didn’t feel scared.” So I mischievously asked him if he had ‘star disease’ and entered his van right after hearing the ‘cut’ sign. “For me, the filming set was a haven of peace. I preferred the bed at the set than my van. They had made the set like a real motel. When I was sleeping there, I could feel that the staffs were walking very careful so that they wouldn’t wake me. (Laugh) We’re close and comfortable with each other like a family.”

Kim Jaejoong introduced <Code name: Jackcal> as a movie that “the more you watch, the more you find it attractive”. As it’s his big screen debut, there is still something lacking but he never regrets it. Unlike the singer that can taste the failure often because it’s a profession where it is easy to hit the limit, the actor can find him/herself the chance to learn and grow in every movie/drama. That fact is quite attractive. Kim Jaejoong has quickly realized that charm of acting.

“Aside from music, acting helps me to refreshingly develop myself. It’s a tonic, a stimulant. If people do only one thing over and over again, they might fall into idleness and become haughty. I like the feeling of receiving reprimands and compliments when I do something new. The more I do it (acting), the more I have ambition and motivation to do it more. I hope for support from everyone.”

Translated by: Hannah @ PrinceJJ
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