Kim Hyung Jun invited at Japan’s ‘KNTV Autumn Drama Parade’

Singer and actor Kim Hyung Jun is flying to Japan to make an appearance at Japan’s ‘KNTV Autumn Drama Parade’ on November 17.

S-Plus Entertainment revealed on the 16th that Kim Hyung Jun had been invited by Japan’s KNTV as a special guest for a special drama event ‘KNTV Autumn Drama Parade’ set to open at Nagoya’s Chunichi Theatre on November 17.

Kim Hyung Jun received a lot of favorable reviews for his acting in his first drama series ‘Glowing She’, which aired on KNTV in March. His second drama ‘I Love You’ also started airing on the channel on November 5.

Following the preview session of romantic drama, Kim Hyung Jun is going to have meet-and-greet with lucky fans, the agency added.