KARA’s Gyuri, Jiyoung and Seungyeon release solo MVs for Korean ‘KARA Solo Collection’

Following the first set of music videos featuring Nicole and Goo Hara’s solo tracks, KARA has now unveiled the music videos for Gyuri  and Jiyoung’s tracks from their ‘KARA Solo Collection’ album.

Gyuri’s solo track “Daydream” features a tango-like rhythm and plays out much like a musical number. The music video also stars Jung Seok Won, who plays the lead male character.

Jiyoung’s “Wanna Do” is described as a rock ballad and features Supernova’s Park Geon Il on the music video’s storyline. Seungyeon, on the other hand, will transform into a rockstar for her solo track “Guilty”, the song which will further showcase her individual colors apart from KARA.

Check out the MVs below!