JYJ's JaeJoong: ‘Decades after decades, I’ll still like to be considered an idol’.

‘The Jackal is Coming’, First movie challenge. Kim JaeJoong: ‘Decades after decades, I’ll still like to be considered an idol’.

People often ask what the difference between acting in TV drama and in movie is.

When actors who mainly act in TV dramas face the challenge of movies, they can easily identify with each other. In movies, audiences pay their total attention to the big screen for the entire two hours and every movement of the actors will be captured by their eyes. Even a hand movement will be noticed and so, we have to act with our whole body.

Therefore, for Kim JaeJoong, who has been an idol for a long time and who has just started his career in acting, ‘The Jackal is coming’ is not an easy challenge. To sum up, in ‘The Jackal is Coming’, Kim JaeJoong has shown us that his acting is better than expected. The Idol singer Choi Hyun in the movie is like a character exactly shaped for him and thus, he leads the movie with his natural acting.

“I have not acted in a movie so it is even difficult to decide what to do. The atmosphere at the site and how the director works is different from in TV dramas. Since the movie is script-oriented, we would have different versions filmed and repeated filming gave me a good chance to train myself on try acting with variety. Sometimes, I was shocked to find that one scene could be filmed for a whole day.”

At that time, Kim JaeJoong was having a killer schedule, filming both ‘The Jackal is coming’ and MBC history drama ‘Dr. Jin’. He could only sleep while commuting between both sites. Fortunately, his acting in ‘Dr. Jin’ has received good remarks. His acting will then been examined through ‘The Jackal is coming’. He said that the first time he saw himself acting, he was a bit shy but he was familiar with that now.

“I am the kind of person who is more emotional. At first, I did not think I could act and so as I came across some scenes I knew how I acted, I felt embarrassed and covered my face with my hands while looking at my own acting. For those scenes that I knew I did a better job, I would look at the scenes with my palms on my chins (laughs). I can understand the difficulty of acting more as I act more.”

As an idol singer, Kim JaeJoong has already been on the top. As a Hallyu star, he is one among the most popular overseas. However, he is still considered a rookie in the acting field. For the question, ‘which field you can do better’, Kim JaeJoong gave a clever answer, “These two fields are different types of art that you cannot view them from the same angle or mindset”.

“For now, be it music or acting, I am far from perfect. Since we are not being able to freely hold activities related to music, I still have the yearning to make music. Recently, I have been in the situation of yearning for more opportunities in acting. I have decided to continue being challenged in both fields. Mr. Fukuyama, in Japan, has the capability to win the first place in both movie and music fields. If I can keep up with my work in both fields for the next 10 years, I believe that I can show a better self.”

Kim JaeJoong is 27 years old this year and next year, it will be 10 years since his debut. From ten years before until now, we have called him an ‘Idol’ but he said he would like to be called an ‘Idol after 10 years’.

“It is such a happy thing to be called an idol. Being called an idol means that I am still young and I am still a popular singer who is able to be cheered by young girls. Being an idol allows me to receive challenges from different fields. When has the term ,‘Idol’, started to have bad connotations’? Doesn’t it just simply mean ‘Idol’? I will still like to be an ‘Idol’ 10 years later.”

Source: Sports Hankooki via YOYO0721
Translation Credit: Mandragore of JYJ3