JYJ “We’ll walk the way that only JYJ can do”

The dispute between JYJ (Jaejoong Kim, Yuchun Park and Junsu Kim) and SM Entertainment has been dramatically completed by the both parties’ agreement.

C-JeS Entertainment, the management company of JYJ, released official press release through Se Jong Law Firm, the legal representative. On the press release of Se Jong Law Firm, it expressed that “the injunction JYJ filed against the former management company (SM) made monumental rulings clarifying that unfair contracts abusing the weak party’s position are invalid twice, while it was drawing such public attention”, as the background of the lawsuit.

It continued, “The previous rulings made that entertainment industry’s unfair practices wiped away and accelerated opportunities to be significantly improved. With the ruling from the lawsuit, 1) legal practices were improved in order to protect new artists, 2) the parties involved in entertainment industry became aware of the problems so that the new artists can have their activities with more freedom. We hope this broad view of agreement can help JYJ to improve even more, with the both parties mutual cooperation”.

JYJ filed an injunction to clarify invalidity of exclusive contract in 2009, and the court accepted this so that JYJ could have independent activities. After this, SM filed the lawsuit to clarify validity of exclusive contract and claimed compensation for damage in APR 2010, and JYJ also filed the lawsuit to clarify invalidity of exclusive contract against this. However, the court favored in JYJ’s side after rejected SM’s objection against JYJ’s injunction and ordered indirect order to pay for its interference in JYJ’s activities.

Chang-Joo Back, CEO of C-JeS Entertainment, added that “We always thought that this was a winning game since the court accepted JYJ’s injunction[in 2009]. The current disturbance happening to JYJ’s activities are not about legal disputes, but being a David and Goliath contest, therefore, we do not think that our plans will be dramatically changed after the ruling”.

He continued, “We are walking the path that only JYJ can do and also will continue as we planed in the future. We hope that this agreement would make improvement for some cases which were regulated by way of making excuse from the lawsuit. Also we would like to express our sincere appreciation for fans in Korea and abroad, who send everlasting support for JYJ so far”.

Original Link: Osen
Translated by: http://dedicatee.wordpress.com