Jokwon, 'I came as 2AM representative~' Movie 'Tone Deaf Clinic' VIP premiere

Movie 'Tone Deaf Clinic' starring Yoon Sang Hyun, Park Ha Sun (Director Kim Jin Young, produced by Good Film Company) held the VIP premiere screening on the 20th afternoon at Lotte Cinema Konkuk University.

This day at movie 'Tone Deaf Clinic' VIP premiere screening, 2AM Jokwon attended the photo time.

Meanwhile, 'Tone Deaf Clinic' opens on the 29th as a comedy which unfolds a story about a girl Dong Joo (Park Ha Sun) who is tone deaf even with breathing problems (no musical sense) but is determined to be a singer to be next to her crush. Shing Heung (Yoon Sang Hyun) a star instructor at tone deaf clinic helps Dong Joo by chance and begins to like her.

Reporter Bang Jiyoung
Credit TV Daily

Translation by iAmP_krystallge @ W2D
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