Jihyun and G.NA go on a date

4minute Jihyun and close friend G.NA enjoyed a relaxing week end together.

G.NA posted a picture on her twitter, "It's been a while since Namji and myself went on a date. Let's eat and gather strength."

The ladies enjoyed a delicious lunch at an Italian restaurant and look at their best posing for the camera. Jihyun is making a cute expression, closing her eyes and making V signs with her hands while G.NA looks adorable with a spoon and fork in hands, ready to eat.

Upon seeing the pictures, netizens commented, "If you're seeing each other even during the weekend it means you are very close. What a great sight." "Two beauties meet, I want to join you too!" "G.NA and Jihyun are both cute."

Source: Osen
Cr: Yoobin @ 4-minute.com