Jackal Is Coming’s Kim Jae-Joong & Song Ji-Hyo, million promise full of sense!

Actor Kim Jae-Joong and Song Ji-Hyo made a promise to buy black-bean-sauce noodles and offer free hugs if their movie draws million audiences.

At the press conference for ‘Jackal’s Coming,’ Song Ji-Hyo, Kim Jae-Joong, Oh Dal-Su and Han Sang-Jin participated. The movie is a comedy about a legendary killer kidnapping a famous star ‘Choi Hyun.’ The movie was directed by Bae Hyung-Jun. Change in Song Ji-Hyo’s acting and screen debut of acting idol Kim Jae-Joong, is highly expected.

To the question of asking about the box office, Song Ji-Hyo answered, “If the movie draws over million audiences, I will hug everyone coming from Gangnam.” Kim Jae-Joong answered, “I will buy black-bean-sauce noodles to everyone in the theater,” and Han Sang-Jin answered, “I will buy black-bean-sauce noodles to the first several people Song Ji-Hyo hugs.”

The movie will be released today (15th).

Credit: innolife