IU loses the "National little sister" title?

According to a recent survey, IU has lost her tittle as Korea's "National little sister"

The survey was active from November 13th-15th, Who is the most worthy of being called as "National little sister?" . As the result came out, IU only received 14.4 % of total votes. In another similar survey that was created from a week ago, IU received 27,7 % of total votes and was ranked as #1

Moon Geun Young won by receiving 221/882 votes, following up is Korean's gymnastic Son Yeon Jae with 203 votes, Miss A's Suzy received 167 votes, IU with 118 votes while Korean's figure skater Kim Yu Na has 103 votes.

Son Yeon Jae' majority votes are from people in 30s while Moon Geun Young' are from 20s generation.

Written by Clover @ DKPOPNEWS.NET