INFINITE cheers on leader Sunggyu’s solo debut

INFINITE members showed their full support for leader Sunggyu, who released his solo debut single, “Shine” on November 7th.

Member Hoya tweeted, “Shine… Sunggyu hyung solo album early release song!!!!!! It’s really good…Starting today I too will be kyuziziㅋㅋㅋ.” Sungjong also tweeted, “Leader Gyu’s song came out!!!!!ㅇ.ㅇ Dae~~~~~~bak!!!!!!!! Early release song~ Shine listen to the song a lot please♥♥♥.”

Woohyun and L cheered on the leader with simple messages, “Sunggyu -shine” and “Congrats Shine” respectively.

Dongwoo also wrote, “INFINITE’s leader, our hyungnim, Kyuzizi. The master of emotions has finally come out with Solo Invasion! The early release song is right next to me! ‘Shine’ that makes you feel bright just from the name, I plan to spend this year’s winter with this..☞☜ Next to hyung, there’s the second oldest hwaiting!!”

Sungyeol tweeted, “I will cheer on Infinite Kim Sunggyu’s first solo promotions for the rest of my life!! Shine that was early released today is daebak If you listen to it it’s just daebak!! Sunggyu-nim♥♥ fancafe president : Sungyeol.”

Finally, Sunggyu expressed his gratitude by tweeting, “Hi? I’m Gyu, today the new song shine was released, thanks a lot to my family Infinite fellow dongsaengs who cheered for me and Jongwanie hyung who gave me a good song I’m totally excited right now !!!!ㅋㅋㅋ.”

Credit: infiniteupdates