Hyunah, "The burden of expectations felt heavier on my shoulders..."

4minute's Hyunah sat down to talk about her collaboration with Worldstar PSY.

The 20 year old met with Star News reporters while she was awaiting her turn on stage, in the waiting room of KBS Music Bank.

She started off, "PSY oppa featuring in the music video for "Ice Cream" gave me a lot of strength. Since he gave me his help, I felt even more determined to do even better."

Hyunah made her return with her new mini album "Melting" released on October 21 and was getting ready for her first comeback stage on Music Bank on the day of our interview.

This time around, Hyunah planned to show three different colours of her stage persona by showcasing three performances. She expressed, "Because I want to meet the expectations of the audience and fans, I felt even more pressured as the burden of expectations on my shoulders felt heavier."

She continued by saying, "In order to show you a good performance, I practiced even more. You will be able to see a fresh side and more charming image of me in all three performances through various and different styles."

As Hyunah was getting ready to make her comeback through her first stage on Music Bank that day, we asked her about the music video of "Ice Cream" which garnered a hot response immediately after its release.

British newspaper, The Guardian was quoted saying about Hyunah, "If anyone was to follow up to PSY's success overseas, it would indeed be Hyunah."

The Billboard's website also chose "Ice Cream" as the video of the week.

Hyunah revealed, "It was an honor for me to be part of the music video of PSY oppa's "Gangnam Style." Despite his busy schedule, he still found time to make an appearance in mine, I am very greatful to him for this. It seems that having PSY oppa featured in the music video was helpful to make the views soar in a short time."

Source: Star News
Cr: Yoobin @ 4-minute.com