Girls’ Generation to be Psy’s successor?

As Psy and his smashing hit “Gangnam Style” opened the doors for other K-pop artists to venture the music industry out of Asia, everyone have their eyes on the next artists to carry on Psy’s success.

The UK’s The Guardian news portal recently posted new article titled, “After Psy’s Gangnam Style, here come Korea pop princesses Girls' Generation”. According to the report, Girls’ Generation will be releasing an English album next year, and officially start their promotion for English-speaking countries.

The report added that the album “will mark the group’s first serious effort to court English-speaking music fans” as Girls’ Generation intends to release an English album through Interscope Records, who is noted for its global artists Lady Gaga and Eminem.

Many experts also pointed out, “Girls’ Generation have charms that many foreigners can approach easier. Their charms are wickedly contagious. They will be able to maintain the K-POP influence for a long time.”

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