FT Island Minhwan almost had a lonely birthday?

Minhwan tweeted a group picture during his birthday celebration today, November 11.
Along with the photo, he wrote,

"If it weren't for the members, I almost have a sad birthday..."

Before that, Hongki and Jonghoon greeted him through twitter,
"Our Minari’s birthday 1111. Everyone had fun together.,:-)" -Jonghoon
"Minhwan-ah Happy Birthday. I love you. Your name appeared on the show today.. kekekekeke" - Hongki

In which fans replied, "Why are you sad?", "All of us are here to greet you!", "We love you! Happy Birthday!" etc.

Source: Minhwan, Hongki and Jonghoon twitter
Written by KYUriShana@dkpopnews.net