Chunji “I enjoyed my youth as a 20 year old” (3)

“Oh yeah~ It’s a vacation”

I shouted with all my might and happiness, at the top of my voice; I was excited even just at the thought that it would be my first vacation as a 20 year old.

In the past, my middle school friends, neighbourhood friends and I made a promise. “We must go on a trip when we turn 20.” Finally I was able to fulfil the promise. Ah~ I was really excited!

Although I’ve turned 20 and become a college student, because of the album activities, I was never able to go on a MT; so the trip with my friends was more so special. That’s right, now that I’m a college student, no matter what others say, I have to go on an MT~ hahaha!

My best friends since middle school were even happier than me when they heard about my vacation. In order to create memories with my friends who are leaving for the army soon, we left for a holiday and settled on a mansion with a huge garden as our base camp so that we can have barbeques.

When we arrived at the mansion, we unpacked our luggage and sang out loud; even just by looking at one another, we started laughing. Although we bought a variety of ingredients to choose the best cook among us, the only thing that was edible was the grilled meat! Ah~ It was great being able to have meat at such a nice place with my friends.

Looking at the meat, I laughed out loud because I suddenly thought of how Ricky loves to eat meat. Although we live together at the dorm, have meals together, go overseas together because of performances, I want to come on an MT like this with all our members. We have to go on an MT when our youngest ones, Ricky and Changjo turn 20 so that we can have a drink together. But how many more years do we have to wait? ^^

When the mood was right, we talked about the things we didn’t’ manage to say all these while, the things and dreams we want to accomplish in the future; it was even more mushy than a game of truth or dare. As the night deepened, the guys’ talked never ended. Other than talking about the times in school, we also talked seriously about our futures. It felt as though we’re really adults… “We, are really adults now!”

When we were enjoying it to the fullest, my friends surprised me with a birthday party and unknowingly I cried. My friends were really sincere so I didn’t know how to express what I felt… Guys really thanks so much! Let’s be together forever!

I was as touched as how fans celebrated my birthday after debut, surprised at the amount of people celebrating my birthday.

My best friends and I stayed up all night having a heart to heart talk. Faces of our members became vivid in my mind. We share the same dream and we have even more time in the future together. Friendship and loyalty are not enough to express what we are so firmed and determined about. And that’s how I concluded my first vacation as a 20 year old.

Written by: Chunji

eng trans: @oursupaluv
source: Naver