CheonDong discovered to be a genius in acting as a psychopath

MBLAQ CheonDong demonstrated his acting ability as a psychopath

MBLAQ CheonDong’s talent as a psychopath was verified by musical actress Jeon Su Kyeong in the latest episode of MBC Every1′s Idol Manager.

During the recording on that day, in order to prepare MBLAQ to be successful all-round entertainers, special training were done. With that in mind, acting training from acting major school as well as musical actress Jeon Su Kyeong prepared to teach 3 classes. They were divided into improvisational acting, reenactment of drama scenes as well as catching the in-depth acting in musicals.

For the sake of improvisation and to test the members’ concentration, everyone was expected to use one word to express their feelings. CheonDong stated “living together”. MBLAQ fake-manager, Park Kyung Lim, demonstrated her agile acting by saying “No”. Towards that, G.O replied “Why not? Why?” causing the set to break in laughter.

Thunder’s immerse acting on crying and laughing on the same time caught Jeon Su Kyeong’s attention and praise. Jeon Su Kyeong commented that “Thunder seemed to excel much as a psychopath, this particular area. Although he failed to catch the feelings at first, he was able to grasp the feelings well when he was being a psychopath.”