Changjo “Vacation makes me feel uneasy~” (2)

The youngest member in Teen Top, Changjo’s first vacation!

I was set on fulfilling the plans I had made in my mind all these while.

Because of my schedule, I couldn’t meet up with my family frequently so we took this time and went to a nearby place for a vacation. It was an enjoyable time; I acted like a kid in front of my parents and laughed louder than any other times. And I met up with my cousins who I haven’t met in a long time and went to the swimming pool to have fun. One by one I spent time with my family, ah~ what a joy.

I met up with my friends and watched movies; ate nice food and talked about the things that happened in our lives. Time flew by without me knowing as I was with my friends.

I was spending my vacation busily but when it was the one-week mark, I began to be curious about what Niel hyung was doing as we never contacted after the vacation began. To be honest, after our debut we have never spent such a long time apart; so before the vacation began, Chunji hyung said “We have been too close all these while. Let’s try to spend this vacation apart and get to appreciate one another. So let’s treat no news as good news for this 10 days” Although we said that confidently, but just a few days later, we started asking about one another. The thought of it just makes me laugh.

However, other than leaving a short message before boarding the plane for London, Niel hyung didn’t contact us at all. When we asked him about it later he said that the 5 of us would have asked him “Get us gifts” so he kept the promise of treating no news as good news! The only person who kept the promise, Niel hyung you’re too much~~~~

As I was happily spending my free time, I suddenly thought of the practice studio in ChunCheon where I practised really hard at for the audition before my debut. Without a plan as the memory came into my mind, I left for the place.

The remaining days of the vacation, when it’s dinner time, my friends and I borrowed a practice studio to practise dancing. I remembered the times 4 years ago when I practised till late for the audition in order to become Teen Top’s Changjo. As I look into the mirror while dancing, looking at the amount of sweat, my original motivations became vivid in my mind “Never forget where I started from; to become a singer that always works hard”. I promise to return to the Changjo then.

The next day after the practice, instead of my usual jog, I decided to climb a mountain. I wanted some time alone to reflect on myself, so after I was packed, I started climbing the mountain.

During the one and a half hours to get to the top. From the hard times as a trainee where there were monthly evaluations to all the times we’ve spent as one, as Teen Top; it flashed past in my mind as scenes in a movie.

Finally I had reached the top! I shouted from Changjo to Changjo, “Changjo ya! Be together under the name of Teen Top, don’t disappoint the fans who have supported us and believed in us. Never forget how you started out’

I promised to never forget how I started. I felt quite proud of myself, and I looked up at the bright sky, I dreamt of all the cools we were going to have ahead.

The next day, as I wasn’t physically trained to climb the mountain, my muscles started aching. A little? I did regret^^ But I was proud of myself “I’m the real maknae who has deep thoughts as much as his hyungs”, and spent the last night of the break. From tomorrow onwards, I’ll return as Teen Top’s member, all the way fighting!

Written by: Changjo

eng trans: @oursupaluv
source: Naver