CeCi December 2012 – 2 Boys’ Potluck Party

Suite house that opens a party of 2 sexy guys dressed in dazzling suits aiming for the glimmering party look.

Same age friends Wooyoung & Kwon – from 2PM to 2AM – a 2-men Christmas Potluck party continues.

“It’s really disappointing to spend romantic Christmas alone just like that, right? It would be great to have a lover, but right now I’m satisfied having beloved friends and my group members. There’s a bond of sympathy you can’t share with your loved one. When you get all together and unleash at least a small pack of the stories that accumulated over time, the night feels light with relief. To me it is a healing energy and the happiest party.”

Ceci: How was the magazine photoshoot today?
Kwon: It’s the first time we did it just the two of us, so I think it will become a good memory. Since we really are close, we frequently upload trivial pieces of our everyday lives through the SNS, but since we got to shoot the pictorial in this spirit, it doesn’t feel like work at all, we enjoyed shooting it for a long time.
Wooyoung: I wanted to enjoy the Christmas mood even more, but as I understood the concept, I tried hard to protect the gentleman’s dignity. Haha!

Ceci: Won’t other members of 2PM and 2AM feel jealous of you?
Both: No one cares about us (laugh).

Ceci: Do you travel often? We’ve seen your pictures from a trip to Japan.
Kwon: Wooyoungie often travels to my house.
Wooyoung: We took that photo together because our schedules in Japan coincided, it’s a small misunderstanding. 2PM and 2AM always use the same waiting room together during performances, we walk around together in a group, so things like that happen from time to time. I’m really anxious to travel around, but it’s very hard to find the right time. Lately we also have a lot of performances abroad.

Ceci: During the photoshoot you two kept on talking in an alien language of your own, what are your main common interests?
Kwon & Wooyoung:  Alien language? Hahaha! We’re not aliens. (laugh)
Wooyoung: Common interests… It’s a bit awkward to say it myself, but 2PM and 2AM have fun in a nice way. So everyone, including us and the other members do not enjoy anything dangerous. If I were to say it simply, I suppose we enjoy the culture of healthy fun? And on top of that, Kwon and I seem to share an exceptionally similar conversational code, because we’re of the same age.
Kwon: We like talking to each other, we watch movies together as it’s our hobby, and we also like listening to the music, because both of us are singers. Our lifestyles are also more or less similar. He’s a good friend I feel comfortable with, to whom I can one by one confess my worries that can be shared only among close people. After all ever since our trainee days in our high school years he’s seen everything I did and everything I couldn’t do, so he’s like a member of my family.

Ceci: Ah! So, actually I also thought “What a warm-hearted person” just now, when you two were monitoring the photos taken, and Jo Kwon asked his manager to take a picture of your appearance from behind. You two looked really beautiful.
Wooyoung: Beautiful? Who? Kwonie? Me? (laughs) Actually, since we share the same point of view in this aspect as well, something in common that we can relate to also adds to the general fact that our conversation codes match. (Note: Actually, after the shooting the image of them both checking messages on their phones was identical as if they were under a spell)

Ceci: We’re curious about your Christmas plans.
Kwon: I’ve always been performing on Christmas. And you’re supposed to spend it with your girlfriend… (laughs and lowers down his head). 2AM always had concerts on Christmas, but this year we’re having concerts on November 24th and 25th. And as far as I know we still have no schedule settled for the Christmas day.
Wooyoung: I’m getting a little bit depressed now that I’m trying to remember something, but for us Christmas has always been filled with schedule events. I have no special Christmas memories, and no girlfriend.
Kwon:  (hands over a bottle of perfume that was set on the table for the photoshoot) Have some perfume instead of alcohol. It’s matured for a long time, the taste should be good.

Ceci: If you have no plans, how about a “Potluck Party”?
Kwon:  Even normally, we take a good care of 2PM & 2AM members’ birthdays and other special days.
Wooyoung: Of course, instead of having a dazzling table setting like in today’s photoshoot, we usually have a jokbal (pig’s feet) party, or quite often spend our time in a simple meat restaurant. This year during my birthday we had a small choco-pie & hamburger birthday party at the practice room.

Ceci: The concept of today’s pictorial was “Potluck Party”. If you really had one what would each of you prepare?
Kwon: Just like during today’s photoshoot, I think I would come with a bottle of wine or champagne.
Wooyoung: Since Kwonie would bring that, I guess I would bring cheese or shrimp crackers? That kind of snacks (laughs). Because we’re each other’s personal gifts. The fact that we have each other is a great gift on its own. Haha… (forced laugh)

Ceci: The existence itself is a gift, but what kind of present would you like to give to each other?
Wooyoung: Kwonie lives alone. I want to give him a pet. So that he wouldn’t feel lonely, a crocodile or a bird, an eagle. Would you be willing to accept something unusual as the white-headed eagle? (Wooyoung doesn’t give up and keeps on talking to Kwon who’s dying with laughter) Parrot, hamster. It’s nice when you’re not bored. So when a parrot keeps on saying “Jo Kwon, Jo Kwon”, there will be no time to feel lonely.
Kwon: It might run away if it flies out to a high place. I like puppies, but it would be lonely if it lived with me, because I’m always away for my performances. I can’t even visit Haengunie (Jo Kwon’s dog) that lives at my parents’ house often. I miss him. As for me, a fish tank… Fish? I think it would be great.
Wooyoung: Fish are fine. Shark! Are you willing to accept a shark?
Kwon: I will keep it in the Han River.
Wooyoung: Why are you always thinking of getting rid of my presents? How disappointing (laughs)

Ceci: If Kwon was to give Wooyoung a gift?
Kwon:  (pretending to be serious) Me? A gift to Wooyoung? Wooyoungie? (after giving it a thought for 1~2 seconds) A house! … Ah! And lately Wooyoungie’s been composing songs and diligently studying music.
Wooyoung:  (immediately) Set me a new workroom.
Kwon: Grand piano? Second hand! It could be even more expensive. Around a hundred years old vintage style~
Wooyoung: Umm… I’ll accept that!

Ceci: 2012 December is right behind the corner (Interview was taken on November 4th). It’s a little bit cheesy, but if you were to give a word of blessing to the each other, what would you say?
Kwon: I’ve known Wooyoung since he was at high school. Now, all of a sudden, we’re already close to being 25, but now and then, Wooyoung is the same. This year there’s been the solo activities, and we’ve gave strength to each other. During TV programs we kept on displaying an image of unreasonable jealousy, but we did support each other, and that really gave us a lot of strength. Back in our trainee days we jokingly promised ourselves “Let’s become super stars!”. Talking like that became a habit, but then, before we even noticed, we’ve got up to the place where the reality is that general public recognizes us, and I think that we did especially well this year. Whether as solo artists, or in a group, everything. I wish that next year we take another step up towards mature image, that would enable us to influence each other in a good way. And I also hope that all the trivial and small wishes we’ve exchanged over text messages and phone conversations would come true. And finally, I wish 2PM had a successful Asia Tour!
Wooyoung: Right back at you! Honestly, I want to reflect all those wishes at you. It means that Kwon and I share the same trail of thought. Sometimes we even quarrel a lot (Kwon: Not me? *laughs*), but one thing is definitely certain – Kwonie is the friend that I want to share good news first with, he is the friend that I want to turn to when I’m having a very hard time, and I want to stay up the night pouring out all my thoughts, sharing stories with a friend who offers me a unique support. Should I say it’s like laying your heart in one comfortable place? Well, something like that. Personally, I wish that our relationship remained the same – Kwonie, me and all 2PM&2AM members included. And the 2AM concerts “The Way of Love” that are held exactly one month before Christmas – November 24th & 25th – I wish they were successful and with no injuries!

Kwon & Wooyoung: (in overtly sweet voices) And please show CeCi lots of love too~!! Haha

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