BTOB SungJae, Hole in Random Dance

Group BTOB’s SungJae has lost his place in Random Dance.

BTOB has appeared on MBC Every1 ‘Weekly Idol’.

MC Jung HyungDon and Defcon, “Although BTOB has their songs, but there aren’t many songs of theirs to be played in this Random Dance corner. We will test on how much you guys know about your seniors’ (of the same company) choreography instead,” and made a special Random Dance corner.

Most of the members danced well with to songs of their seniors such as BEAST’s ‘Beautiful Night’, ‘Fiction’ and 4minute’s ‘Volume Up’, except for member SungJae where he didn’t know about the dances, and has become ‘The Hole’ of the team.

Followed this, MCs halted the corner, and jokingly apologized to viewers watching ‘Random Dance’ corner.

Trans: MrsDooB2uty @
Source: TV Daily