BTOB Seo Eunkwang, Chosen as Fixed Guest on ‘Starry Night’

BTOB’s Seo Eunkwang has been chosen as a fixed guest on ‘YoonHa’s Starry Night’.

Since the 28th of last month, Seo Eunkwang has appeared on radio program, MBC Radio FM 4U ‘Starry Night’ and it was decided that he will be constantly appearing on Sunday’s corner, ‘병풍윤의 반란’

‘병풍윤의 반란’ which is hosted by DJ YoonHa and Seo Eunkwang, has received loves from all around as it was made into parodies by different radio and TV programs.

Seo Eunkwang, who works alongside Kim BumSoo on KBS 2FM ‘Kim BumSoo Music Square’ every Wednesday, and now as a fixed guest through his 2nd radio broadcast, is currently promoting as a BTOB member with follow up song ‘I Know Only Love’.

Meanwhile, Yoonha’s ‘Starry Night’ will be aired every night at 10.05PM

Trans: MrsDooB2uty @
Source: TV Daily