‘Birth of A Great Star’ Noh JiHoon, Already a Celebrity, Fashion Photoshoot Revealed

Noh JiHoon has revealed his muscles, and had shown a beastly Homme Fatale photoshoot.

Prior to the release of his title song, ‘Being Punished’, teaser images have already been revealed and it was known that he will be transforming into a solo dance singer. His debut news have gathered much attention, and was even the top search on portal sites.

In CeCi November issue which was released on October 31st, Noh JiHoon has put on a ‘Bad Guy’ concept just like in his teaser images for ‘Being Punished’. He has grabbed attention with his solid muscles and masculinity side of him through this photoshoot.

With a height of 186cm, Noh JiHoon proudly showed off his body of balanced proportion. It was known that Noh JiHoon was well-trained during his school days due to football. With his muscular body, he has managed to capture females’ hearts.

His gentle look, captivating smile, solid body, and a Homme Fatale concept showed a beastly image.

Through an interview, Noh JiHoon has expressed his recent activities. He expressed his thoughts of wanting to show his fresh new charms as a male dance singer.

Fans who took a glimpse of his sexy looks, has nicknamed him as ‘The Magnet Man’ (A man with amazing charms that capture females’ heart like a magnet), seeing an escalating amount of responses.

Noh JiHoon received good comments for having star quality as well as putting on a stable stage in MBC ‘Birth Of A Great Star’ season 1. As such, his debut is highly anticipated since he might be the next successful male solo singer.

Meanwhile, Noh JiHoon is currently preparing for his debut as a solo dance singer on November 7th.

Trans: MrsDooB2uty @ Loveindacube.wordpress.com
Source: Newsen