BEAST's Yoseob, ‘Caffeine’ BEAST Gives Relay Support

The members of BEAST have wished Yang Yoseob a great debut with ‘Caffeine’, gathering hot responses.

On the 26th of November, Yang Yoseob released his first ever solo album with title track, ‘Caffeine’. Not long after ‘Caffeine’ was released, it has charted the top spots of various real charts on music sites, proving its popularity.

After Yang Yoseob’s ‘Caffeine’ has been released, BEAST’s Yoon Doojoon wrote a witty support message on twitter, “Let Yang Yoseob be great. I’m addicted to Americano so you will do well. Hwaiting”. Yoon Doojoon is currently abroad for his schedule, yet he did not forget to support Yang Yoseob.

Son DongWoon too, “Yoseobie-Hyung first solo album has released. I love it love it. Claps to JunHyungie-hyung and Yoseobie-hyung who had worked hard”. Yong JunHyung who was in charge of producing the album left a message as well, “I hope the song will make your day a little better”.

Meanwhile, not long after Yang Yoseob’s ballad ‘Caffeine’ was released, it has garnered praises as a ballad that is filled with emotions. Through ‘Caffeine’, maturer and thicker emotions was expressed, and has gathered anticipation.

Yang Yoseob will be making his live solo debut on music programs this week.

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Source: Newsen