B.A.P’s Zelo shows off impressive growth spurt

Already known as the “giant baby”, B.A.P’s youngest member, Zelo once again gave shocked to his fans with his impressive growth spurt.

On November 13, Zelo made the short announcement on his Twitter, “Measured myself: 184.” The 17-year old B.A.P member has apparently grown to 184 centimeters (six feet) from 182, which was his official measurement on his Naver profile.

During an interview with a Japanese press media back in May, Zelo confessed, “I don’t want to grow up anymore, but the doctor told me that my growth spurt is still going on.”

Following Zelo’s tweet, fellow member Young Jae tweeted back saying, “Stop it, think of the rest of us, too.”

Meanwhile, B.A.P recently wrapped up their promotions for their latest catchy track, “Stop It”.