Baekga picks MBLAQ Lee Joon, G.O “Most Successful”

Former Koyote & Photographer Baek Sung Hyun (Baekga), picks G.O and Lee Joon to be the most successful becomes a topic.

On MBC EVERY1’s “Idol Manager” 13th episode that is scheduled to broadcast on the 9th of this month, in the effort of the finale will reveal MBLAQ’s photoshoot that was conducted and taken by Baek Sung Hyun.

Park Kyung Lim asked Baek Sung Hyun “Since you have known MBLAQ prior to their debut, who do you think is the most successful?” Baek Sung Hyun answered and chose Lee Joon and G.O.

The well-known fashionista’s selection caused everyone to become puzzled. Baek Sung Hyun explains “Lee Joon in the past did not have the on-stage charisma he has now” however “Recently in popular entertainment shows has a very interesting image, one which is slightly insane…” causing the set to break in laughters.

MBLAQ’s photoshoot photos from the set and who is the best model is scheduled to broadcast on MBC EVERY1’s “Idol Manager” on November 9th at 6PM.

**Translator Note: Tried my best to translate, may have a couple errors. (Had an issue with the chinese trans & korean for whether it was successful or change) Sorry.

TRANSLATION: liliceprincess