B1A4 releases 3rd mini album ‘In The Wind’

After releasing a series of video teasers of the members, idol group B1A4 is finally returning to the spotlight with the release of their comeback third mini album, ‘In The Wind’.

Released online on November 12th, ‘In The Wind’ marks the group’s first local comeback since releasing their first full-length album ‘IGNITION’ back on May. The new album includes seven new tracks featuring the title song “Tried To Walk”, which was composed and written by Jinyoung.

It also includes Jinyoung’s first solo track “Be My Girl” featuring Brown Eyed Girls’ Jea. A collaboration song titled “I Won’t Do Bad Things” with miss A’s Suzy (as the narrator) is included as well. Other songs include the intro, “If…”, “What Do You Want to Do” and “In The Air”.

In addition to the participation of Jinyoung, it was revealed that Baro contributed in writing all of the raps within the album.

Check out the tracks below!

“Tried To Walk”

“I Won’t Do Bad Things” (Narration of miss A’s Suzy)

“Be My Girl” (Jinyoung ft. Brown Eyed Girls’ Jea)

“What Do You Want to Do”


“In The Air”

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