B1A4 Jinyoung, Nearly cried at the birthday song sung by fans…

Group B1A4 has met with a happy occasion. After making a fancy comeback with new song ‘Tried to Walk’, today is also leader Jinyoung’s 22nd birthday. Born 18 November 1991.

Despite not being able to have a comfortable birthday party due to the overlap with their comeback week, Jinyoung gave his distinctive smile and commented that “I’m happy to be able to spend it with fans”.

Q. It’s your birthday today. How do you feel?
A: Firstly, I feel that time passes quickly. As I celebrate every birthday each year, I feel that I learn many things. My thoughts have deepened, and I think of the many precious people around me, and B1A4′s dreams.

Q. How do you feel about getting older?
A: I do think that it is sad, but getting older is definitely something positive. I think that I am becoming more mature, and I have become more responsible in leading B1A4. I think those are thoughts that come as we grow older. I’ve become more careful with my
actions, and I think a little deeper about things. It’s nice to have deeper thoughts.

Q. What age do you look forward to the most?
A: 23 years old. It’ll be next year, and I feel like we would have accomplished something. That’s why I’m looking forward to it. It is the end of the year, where I move from being 22 years old to 23 years old. Starting from now, I feel like that B1A4 will achieve
something good.

Q. Something you hate to hear on your birthday, and something you like to hear?
A: Something I hate to hear would be “Oh, you’re already so old”. When I was in my 10s, I never thought that the 20s would come. But I’m already 23 years old. This feeling is really unique. I would probably feel even more so when I’m in my 30s right? I feel a little sad when I hear that sentence. Something I’d like to hear is “You’ve matured and become more manly”. I feel joyful whenever I hear such things.

Q. What was Jinyoung’s conception dream?
A. My mother dreamt of walking along a street with a beautiful scenery of ume flowers in full bloom. Next to it was a stream with clear water, and in front was a large boulder with a huge tree growing up front within. I remember when I first heard it, it was such a beautiful conception dream that even I was surprised.

Q. The most memorable birthday?
A: Last year’s birthday was the most memorable. Even though the birthdays before were nice too, I spent last year’s with the fans. I was touched by the thought of ‘There are so many people who love me and are congratulating me on my birthday’, and that ‘This is definitely what I live for’. I was really happy.

Q. Are there any special birthday presents?
A: Rather than a present, it was the birthday party last year. It was a new experience to have all the fans sing me a birthday song, I nearly cried back then.

Q. Your birthday falls on comeback week. Is there a birthday present you’ll like to receive?
A: We’d like to show off a different side to B1A4 through this round of promotions, and we’ll work hard to achieve 1st place on music programs. It’ll be nice to do well enough to receive a Bonsang at end of year music award shows.

Q: If you were given a birthday holiday, what do you want to do?
A: Rather than celebrating it grandly, I want to treat the family that I’ve been apart from to a delicious meal. It may be something minor, but I want to spend time talking to my family.

Q: When you were young, what were your birthday wishes? Have they come true?
A: In the past, my wish was to become an entertainer. It was a wish I really hoped for to come true so I wished for it very earnestly. Luckily I became a singer, and my wish has come true. Now I wish for the people around me to be healthy, and to be together. And of course, amidst all that it’ll be nice for B1A4 to do well. Haha.

Q: In 10 years’ time, how will your birthday be like?
A: I want to spend my birthday with all the members while having wine at a luxurious restaurant. I think that even at that time, we will be promoting as B1A4 still.

Q: Is there someone you’d like to thank on your birthday?
A: Firstly, I want to say thank you to the parents who worked hard to give birth to me. As I grow older, there are more people who I am thankful for. As I receive love from the people around me, I feel that I should do well to the people around me too. I will live being thankful to everyone.

Q: Please say something to Jinyoung who is celebrating his birthday today.
A: Jinyoung, you are now 22 years old too. I hope that you can achieve all your goals – I know you can do it, because it’s you. And be sure not to forget your beginner’s mindset. There’s something you’ve always thought about right? When people forget their beginner’s mindset, they collapse quickly. Always live with a thankful heart. And treat your members a little better.

Source: Economy Today
Translation Credits: skipfire @ FLIGHTB1A4.com