Aziatix is working with Lady Gaga's producer Red One for their new album!

That's right, Aziatix and famous producer RedOne are working together in the recording studio writing and making some music. On the 5th of November, Red One updated his twitter account and shared, "Having Fun writing hits with my boys Aziatix and my crazy and talented team!!!!" also tagging Aziatix's twitter account in the tweet.

He also shared a group shot photo of him and the members of Aziatix. Red One is one of the most popular hit producers in the US. He has worked with Lady Gaga, Michael Jackson, Jennifer Lopez, Nikki Minaj and many others and he has produced countless of number 1 hit songs. It seems that he is working with Aziatix with the group's new album. Excited?

Source: RedOne's Twitter
Written by: blueprincess824 @