‘Approaching Debut’ Noh JiHoon, ‘Anticipation UP’ through Mockumentary Video

Prior to singer Noh JiHoon’s debut, through his mockumentary video, anticipation is on the rise.

On the 1st, Noh JiHoon has revealed the mockumentary video (a video format which fuses both reality and imagination) for title track ‘Being Punished’ through Cube Entertainment’s official SNS.

In the revealed mockumentary video, Noh JiHoon has shown both a ‘bad boy’ concept which suits his title song, as well as his diligent look  while practicing.

Furthermore, artists from the same company, Hyuna, G.NA, BTOB and more have revealed their honest thoughts of a ‘bad guy’ and Noh JiHoon’s real personality. Their appearance has lead to higher curiosity.

In the other half of the video, singer Ailee appeared with Noh JiHoon as sweet lovers. They started the story with blissful smiles and ending it with a tearing scene. The story of the video further captures attention.

Meanwhile, Noh JiHoon will be releasing his debut song ‘Being Punished’ on the 7th.

Trans: MrsDooB2uty  @Loveindacube.wordpress.com
Source: Osen