4minute JiHyun Reveals Story of Panicking and Waited for Police on the Highway

Group 4minute’s member Nam JiHyun has confessed to have waited for polices on the highway.

On MBC Live, ‘She and Her Car’ which is to be aired on the 16th, MC Nam JiHyun has revealed her story of being panicked after entering the fast lane.

‘She and Her Car’ is a car program for women. In this program, common senses (on the road) will be introduced, as well as providing answers to drivers’ questions.

On this day, Nam JiHyun who has started driving 3 months ago has revealed her complaint. It wasn’t a fast-speed car, but Nam JiHyun accidentally went into the fast lane.

She continued, as signal lights were constantly flashed, JiHyun who is alarmed stopped the car by the side, and waited for the police to come, causing laughter on the recording set.

Towards JiHyun’s experience, Kim SeA who appeared as guests said she still needs to learn more and gain more experience, giving advises to JiHyun.

On this day too, some insights were provided to those who are about to drive on the road. They have given advises such as safe distance between cars, penalties and more to them. In particular, beginner Nam JiHyun was seen nodding throughout.

Trans: MrsDooB2uty  @Loveindacube.wordpress.com
Source: Arts News