2AM talks about their 1st Japanese album

2AM members talk about their  opinion about their first Japanese song'For you~君のためにできること~' on Nov-Dec issue of KBoom magazine.

    Q.1:  What impression did this album <For you~君のためにできること~> leave you when you first heard it?

        Seulong: Because this is our first (original) Japanese song, we were very nervous and anticipating it. When we heard the song, we felt that the harmony was really beautiful. Within the song, the guitar melody was also very charismatic. In particular, the intro where our harmony was used left a deep impression on us.

    Q.2: When <For you~君のためにできること~> was rearranged, did you think about singing another member’s part?

        All: We were very pleased with our own parts.
        Seulong: I think we divided the parts in order to further highlight each member’s vocal speciality
        Changmin: I think that the parts each of us are singing right now are the best parts
        Jinwoon: If I had to rate it out of 5 levels, I would use “extremely content” as a comment for a 5 out of 5 mark

    Q.3: How was the overall atmosphere between everyone for the third single track?

        Jo Kwon: Because we included <Birthday>, a song that has a very strong rhythmic beat, I think the fans will like it.
        Jinwoon: Because the song <Birthday> is very lively, if we look at it as a whole, the mournful feeling is not lost, therefore the album is very balanced.

    Q.4: Was there any interesting stories whilst filming the MV for <For you~君のためにできること~>?

        Changmin: When we were filming the MV, there was a scene where I stood there and shouted “Run! Hurry and run!” At the start I used Korean to shout the phrase and because of the director’s directions; I had to shout it out really loud. And so I lost my voice. But then the director said, “The next scene is in Japanese!” so we had to film again, but because I was shouting inaudibly it was really difficult.
        Seulong: I was filming together with a dog, so I forgot about the time! The filming was really interesting.
        Changmin: Were you acting as the dog? (Laughs)
        Seulong: Of course I was filming with the dog!! (Laughs)
        Jinwoon: I went to film outdoors. We were supposed to show a warm and soft atmosphere under the sunlight, but because the sun was covered up that day, the waiting time was really long. It was quite tiring. The moon that embraces the sun! (Popular Korean drama)
        Jo Kwon: When we were all filming together on the bridge, I said a joke which made everyone burst out laughing so we had a few NGs. (Laughs)

    Q.5: <For you~君のためにできること~>’s lyrics talk about “being determined to protect the happiness of the one you love”. It has described men’s purity, what do you think of this?

        Jinwoon: The man’s purity in this song can also seem very manly if we look at it from a different perspective. In addition, it allows us to see how we’re unable to stick with our negative opinions of others in front of someone we love. If it was me, I would express my feelings directly to the person I like.
        Changmin: Even if I secretly liked someone, if there was another person who liked her, then I would be unable to confess. If I would regret losing her for the rest of my life then maybe I would pluck up the courage and confess, but most of the times I would suppress my own feelings.
        Jo Kwon: If I think that the other person really isn’t the one for her, then I would confess.

    Q.6: Just like the drama <Revolving Lantern>, if you were able to look back at one time of your life, what time would that be?

        Jinwoon: Personally, I want to look back at the time when I was in my mother’s womb. Although I can’t remember anything… in fact, mommy’s stomach was a little tight. Maybe from that moment onwards I was distressed.
        Everyone: (bursts out laughing)
        Changmin: How distressed would you be? Deciding whether to come out by the head or bottom first?
        Everyone: (bursts out laughing)
        Seulong: I want to look back at my high school period. No matter if it was education or just playing, I put a lot of effort into it.
        Everyone: (bursts out laughing)
        Jo Kwon: Because there were a lot of wonderful memories, I want to look back at my junior high school period
        Changmin: I want to see the day of our debut. I cried once on the day of our debut and haven’t cried since. I didn’t cry when we got first place on music shows. But, on our debut day I really cried out loud.
        Jo Kwon: Please watch the MV for <This Song>
        Changmin: There are parts (of the day) that the video didn’t record; I want to fully see what the whole day was like.
        Seulong: Yes, indeed, I want to see Changmin hyung back at that time.
        Changmin: I didn’t cry going up or coming down from the stage. But once my mother called I cried a lot.

    Q.7: When will be the next time you will cry?

        Changmin: When I pass my daughter to her husband, I think I’ll cry
        Jinwoon: Then wouldn’t it be better to just have a son?
        Changmin: Then I will never cry again. (Laughs)

    Q.8: What is the highlight of <For you~君のためにできること~>?

        Seulong: Harmonies
        Changmin: Emotions
        Jo Kwon: Harmony, 2AM’s sensitivity. There’s a lot of harmony in this song, therefore 2AM’s beautiful vocals and melody is the highlight. Because this is a mournful and sorrowful ballad, it is suitable for a cold autumn day. Everyone must listen to it.
        Jinwoon: But I heard that next week in Japan it isn’t cold any more.
        Jo Kwon: Really? Is Japan going against me? (Laughs) This song is suitable for whenever it’s hot too.
        Seulong: No matter when it is, it’s good. (Laughs)
        Jo Kwon: Yes, this is a famous ballad!

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