Wonder Girls Yenny and Hye Lim snaps cute selcas together

Wonder Girls' Yenny and Hye Lim took cute selcas together. On the 24th of October, Yenny updated her twitter account and shared, "During our filming for MTTV cover the world" and shared 2 selcas of her and Hye Lim together. Hye Lim and Yenny looked stunning and beautiful in their selcas giving warm smiles in the photo.

Wonder Girls are busy promoting in the U.S. and it's nice of the girls to share selcas to update their fans on their whereabouts. Netizens commented, "So pretty", "They look really close", "They somehow look alike, they could be sisters". Meanwhile, Wonder Girls recently released their new album "Like Money" last October 7 in the U.S. and has been actively promoting there.