Who’s the best husband candidate for KARA’s Jiyoung?

KARA’s KARA Jiyoung’s grandmother recently revealed who’s the best husband candidate for her granddaughter.

On September 29th episode of ‘Invincible Youth 2’, Jiyoung paid a surprise visit to the real estate office that her grandparents operate. Her grandmother was asked if there was any celebrity she had thought of to be Jiyoung’s husband, she answered “Lee Seung Gi” without any hesitation.

The grandmother stated that she likes everything about Lee Seung Gi, which caused Jiyoung to get embarrassed and state, “We’re not really that close.” To this, her grandmother wittily remarked, “Then you two should be close!”

She also sent a video message to the actor saying, “Lee Seung Gi, be nice to KARA Kang Jiyoung.”

Source: Nate