WBS K-POP STORM Live in Malaysia

SHINee will soon be appearing at the "WBS K-POP STORM Live in Malaysia" concert on November 6th! They will perform four of their hit songs live on stage as the headlining artist group.

Aside from SHINee, artists that will be present include U-Kiss, TEEN TOP, Block B, Girls Day, Dal Shabet, Nobrain, D-unit, and The Gwangdae, who will be singing three songs each.

Event organizers have answered a few frequently-asked questions on their official Facebook, shown below.

1. What is a visual show?
The special visual show is related Wbs open broadcasting. Singers will be on the stage. The name of the poster will be change with a new design and title. It shall be 'WBS Concert K-POP STORM Live In Malaysia'. We will put new poster as soon as possible.

2. SHINEE is really coming or not?
Answer: Ye
s! Yes! SHINEE is coming. They are already fixed their schedule to the concert. Don't worry about that. You can meet Shinee on 6, Nov.

3. Ticket price, seat and release and so on.
Answer: We will let you know more information about the ticket later.

The concert will take place in Kuala Lumpur's Sunway Lagoon Resort at 6:50 PM. Ticket sales will open October 10th on ticketcharge. Be sure to check out K-Pop Storm's event pageFacebook, and Twitter if you plan to attend!

Source: K-Pop Storm Facebook
Cr: joAnnwashere @ shineee.net