Suzy wants to have a dinner with Kang Dong Won?

miss A’s Suzy has stated that she would like to have dinner with her ideal type, actor Kang Dong Won.

On the recent episode of SBS Power FM’s ‘Jung Sun Hee’s A Night Like Tonight’ that aired on October 23, miss A appeared as guests. The group talked about their latest album and well being.

When asked about their ideal types from celebrities, Suzy answered right away with Kang Dong Won while Fei and Min picked Won Bin.

Suzy explained, “I like Kang Dong Won’s double eyelid. I watched the movie ‘Jeon Woochi : The Taoist Wizard’ seven times just to look at him.”

She added, “If I get a chance to have a date with Kang Dong Won for a week, I want to go and have a nice dinner with him.”

Meanwhile, miss A released their latest song “I Don’t Need A Man” and came back for the first time in 8 months.