Supernova celebrates 3rd anniversary in Japan + to release collection album

Supernova held a special event “Supernova ☆ Big(博)”, celebrating the 3rd anniversary of their Japanese debut on October 16th at Chiba Makuhari Metse.

Ever since their debut, the group has been holding special events with their fans each year. This year’s event began with a hand-shaking ceremony in part one, and a talk show and live music in part two. Over 15,000 fans gathered to see the group.

The group showcased a video of an event celebrating their debut three years ago and Sungjae told the fans that, “we’re here because of you, we will be with you always even in ten, twenty years.”

Gun Il said, “We’ve never been at the top on the Oricon chart, so we’re aiming to achieve that feat. Yoon Hak will be back next year after finishing his mandatory military duties and I can’t wait for all six of us to stand on stage together.”

Ji Hyuk said, “We want to be on NHK’s yearly singing competition next year” while Kwangsoo said ”We’ll be increasing our activities in Japan with all six of us back together.”

The group also held a vote among their fans for their favorites among the 60 songs they released in Japan and compiled a best CD. The CD as well as another CD full of their new songs will be put together for their new album “SUPERNOVA COLLECTIONS”. The group announced that the album will be released on December 19th to the delight of their fans.

Supernova also sang their Japanese debut song “Only You Continuously” and their new song “She’s Gone” live on stage filling up the venue with passion.

Meanwhile, Supernova will be collaborating with Mnet Japan for a six city, seven concert tour called “FANTASTIC CHOSHINSEI 24/7” from December 13th through 26th.

Source: KBS