Son Dongwoon, Commemorates Hangul Day

Idol group BEAST Son Dongwoon has left a meaningful remark.

On the 9th, Son Dongwoon wrote on his twitter, “Today is Korean (Hangul) day! I will continue to protect our beautiful Korean language as a lot of people are watching us^^ Let’s love Korean everyone!”

Hangul day happens every year on the 9th of October. On this day, the nation commemorates the official adoption of hangul by King Sejong the Great, and also a date to spread awareness for the language.

Son Dongwoon, as a member of Hallyu K-POP Stars, BEAST’s member, has expressed his hopes to  protect the language. Followed this, netizens commented, “They’re really the conceptual-dol BEAST”, “We will protect these beautiful Hangul”, “What Dongwoonie said is correct”, and many more responses.

BEAST has recently ended their 5th mini album, and will be starting their practice on the 12th for their Japan tour.

KR-CN: Beast中文网_Circus // Tweet trans: B2STLYTWEETS
CN-EN: MrsDooB2uty