SH Entertainment release more information regarding Jaejoong’s 1st Fanmeeting in Indonesia

[FAQ] KIM JAEJOONG 1st Fan Meeting in Jakarta 2012 Link

Kim Jaejoong 1st Fan Meeting in Jakarta 2012
3 November 2012 || MEIS, Ancol
starts from 7PM

Event : 
With 2 hours duration, the fan meeting will give a new experience for Kim Jaejoong’s fans. Not only sing, Kim Jaejoong will also have an interaction with fans through games, talk sessions and a variety of other surprise segments.He will share his experiences and interesting stories from his drama and movie filming directly to fans. Lucky fans from games will have a chance to highfive or take a look of Kim Jaejoong closely.

This fan meeting will be conducted in 3 languages : Korean, English and Bahasa Indonesia.

The entire seat will be numbered so it will create a convenience atmosphere among the fans. Thus, although MEIS is categorized as a large venue, SH Entertainment ensures that the fans will be as close to their idol as possible by using only partial area of MEIS.

There will be a gift corner at MEIS, Ancol.
If you have any fan project that required big space, please contact us first.

Seating Plan :
There are 4 class.
KITTY : limited for invitation, not for sale.
ELEPHANT : IDR 1.550.000 (excl. VAT 10%) –  the closest area to stage, will get special merchandise
BEAR : IDR 1.000.000 (excl. VAT 10%)
PUPPY : IDR 600.000 (excl. VAT 10%)

All numbered seats. Seat number will be based on payment transastion, not redeem order.
All class will have a chance to play games with Kim Jaejoong through lucky draw system.

Ticket Box :
1. online through RAJAKARCIS 

2. offline through Panorama Tours Outlet
  • you can order via phone / come to Panorama Tours outlet
  • no maximum ticket purchase
  • you can pay by bank transfer & cash
  • you can exchange the voucher into ticket at D-1 at Panorama outlet or at D-Day starts from 12pm at MEIS, Ancol.
  • more info about Panorama Tours outlet location :
3. Direct to SHEntertainment
  • you can order by email to
  • only bank transfer available.
  • you need to exchange the proof transfer into the ticket at D-Day starts from 12pm at MEIS, Ancol.

Any question, please contact +6221 – 94975415 or email to for more details.
Seating plan

To create a convenience atmosphere among the fans& artist during the show, any irrelevant things to Kim Jaejoong is prohibited inside the venue. There will be additional screening system at the entrance gate to make sure there’s no harm/irrelevant things will be brought into the venue.

Due to seating arrangement, you can only bring poster/fan board/led board with maximum size 30cm x 30cm.

If you want to bring large banner support/fan project, please contact us first :

We felt your genuine love for Kim Jaejoong, so we need your cooperation to make a great time with him during his 1st fan meeting.

Any rumors, please confirm to us first.

SH Entertainment

Thank you for your patience. See you at MEIS, 3 November 2012 !

Source: SH_ENTIndonesia (Twitter, Facebook)