Seungri experiences dangerous flight?

We moved to Malaysia from Philippines.

There was a heavy rain last day at Philippines.

I think Philippines felt lonely because we had to leave.

But it doesn’t matter! We will meet next time!

Thanks to Philippines! We had fun there! Other members think so too.

But the problem is.. It doesn’t matter how heavy the rain is! But the flight took off on time as usual.

The plane shook heavily. It’s difficult to glide the plane to safe landing because of the strong wind.

In fact, I was in danger because of the plane accident.

For example: I took part in EMA award at UK last year. At the day before I had came back to Korea, a madam who I know her had called me.

M: “Seungri-kun, are you ok?”

SR: “Yes! Long time no see! What’s the matter?”

M: “Your flight is tomorrow right?”

SR: “Yes, it’s tomorrow. And then..?”

M: “Maybe there will be an accident tomorrow. Be careful.”

SR: “Um?? Wait a moment.. What’s going on?”

M: “I have foreseen YB will sit beside you tomorrow. I’m worried and want to you know that. Just like that.”

I can’t believe it.. It’s already three years since the call. I have been noticed about it. So I’m still nervous.

SR: “Sol-san.. May I see your plane ticket?”

That’s true! His seat was beside mine.

The plane made a loud noise when I thought about it!

Everyone was nervous.

Then, there was a notice: “Dear passengers, sorry for the front wheel of the plane had a flat tire.”

I was listening to the notice and didn’t feel afraid. There must have been an accident if the plane took off..

So what about it? But it was so great that everyone is all right!

Then I called the madam.. “the number you are dialing can not be connected”..

The above is Seung-chan’s unbelievable thing.

There will be alive tour in Malaysia tomorrow! I’m looking forward!

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