Psy takes off his shirt at free concert

On October 4th, Psy held his free concert at Seoul Plaza titled the ‘Seoul Style Concert’, in order to thank all his fans for supporting him so far. Performing his hit songs, around 80,000 people cheered him on through almost two hours of performances.

The free concert, which cost the city a reported 400 million won, was aired live on Live Seoul, YouTube, and UStream to share the festivities with international fans.

The concert started with the Korean national anthem and continued onto Psy’s hits such as “Celebrity,” “Shake It,” “Father” and “We Are the One”. To further heat up the stage, he performed “Gangnam Style,” which has brought him international fame, and the crowd all danced and shouted with excitement.

And as the night came to an end, Psy once again went up the stage and took off his shirt for an encore performance of “Gangnam Style”. The Korean pop star had previously promised that he would perform shirtless if he reached #1 on Billboard‘s “Hot 100”. However, he announced earlier this week that he’d perform topless regardless of whether he reached number 1, to express his gratitude for fans.