PRIMARY and MBLAQ G.O collaboration “includes Dynamic Duo-Simon D? Extremely extravagant”

Hip-Hop Producer PRIMARY has met with MBLAQ’s G.O.

The line-up artists, who will be participating in Hip-Hop Producer, PRIMARY’s, album has been revealed. PRIMARY’s album, which will be released by the end of this month, has 18 groups of Hip-Hop artists and a total number of 23 people collaborating in this large-scale production. This particular album has aroused fans’ anticipation way ahead of its release.

Among the list of singers, who were revealed, includes Dynamic Duo, Simon D, Rhythm Power, Zion.T, Garion, Yankie, Garie, Axe,  Beenzino,  Jinbo, Paloalto etc.,  which has gotten much attention in the world of Hip-Hop. Due to the rich and diverse Hip-Hop music singers, audiences are concerned with the combination of collaboration with PRIMARY in showing an all-new spark in the music industry.

Especially among the lists of singers, G.O, a member of idol group MBLAQ, has compelled the audience. Not only is G.O the main vocal of MBLAQ, through KBS’s reality show “Immortal Song”, audiences have also affirmed his singing ability.
During this album production, PRIMARY has invited G.O, who is usually very attentive and an idol group member, to collaborate in this album for the very first time.

According to Amoeba Culture’s staff members, “we believe that G.O’s singing ability is superior, has rich sensibility and a very charismatic singer. PRIMARY was aware of it and anticipates G.O to show a further charismatic and attractive color in the Hip-Hop industry. Furthermore, as the result of the collaboration was way beyond expectation, he was very pleased” has increased the audiences’ expectations further.

PRIMARY’s album, which has became a hot topic recently due to the disclosure of the line-up artists and the collaboration of MBLAQ’s G.O, will be released on the 31st of October.