Park Yoochun ranks 1st among male artists for “luxurious voice”

Park Yoochun, ranked 1st among male artists for “luxurious voice” that gives off a sense of trust in videos

A poll “the male artist whose ‘luxurious voice’ is the most credible in videos” conducted on community portal dcinside from the 9th to 16th, Park Yoochun was ranked 1st.

According to near 8000 responses from netizens, Park Yoochun received an overwhelming support of 3953 votes (49.4%) and won. He possesses a gentle bass voice full of emotions, and is both an actor an a singer that is full of charm. He received rave reviews after narrating for the MBC special documentary “The Hometown I Used to Live in”.

Yoon Dohyun of band YB and actor Hyunbin came out 2nd and 3rd in the poll respectively.

Source: The Star
Translated by: yujini + 吾非池鱼133 via maettugi