Park Mujin practiced dancing with Lee Kikwang and danced better than 4minute’s Gayoon?

Birth of a very unique singer. He’s a trot singer who moves along with the idol’s system. Just like his song, titled ‘Different Different’, he has a very different style than others. It’s singer Park MuJin who comes with a cheerful personality. His special story with Cube Entertainment’s so-called 1st trainee was revealed.

Park MuJin who once worked as a performing secretary for Cube Entertainment’s (Cube, in short) representative Hong SeungSong, has revealed his dance-practice-relationship with Lee Kikwang when the company was first established.

Park MuJin revealed, “I was with BEAST’s Lee Kikwang during (Kikwang’s) Cube’s-only-trainee days. I even practiced dancing with Lee Kikwang” and, “I even danced better than 4minute’s Gayoon back in the days,” he jokingly said.

He then followed with, “Lee Kikwang was a friend that practiced very much then. He was the trainee that we had the most expectation on”, as he recalls his days with Lee Kikwang.

Park MuJin also revealed an episode about him, “During month-end evaluation, there was nobody but me to record his video then. I was actually having Enteritis, but held onto it and filmed for him. It started with practice at 8am, and ended at 3am the next day. As I watched, my greed grew, and kept on filming for Kikwang”.

Park MuJin who made his debut at the same time as BEAST’s promotions, commented, “I used the same room as BEAST on my debut day. BEAST members really had lots of energy. They prepared some jokes and even sang songs. It helped me to gain more strength. Thanks to a company that has lots of idols, I, too grew along with the idol system.”

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Source: Newsen