Park Ji Bin’s first kiss was with f(x)’s Sulli?

Child actor Park Ji Bin recently revealed that his first kiss was with f(x)’s Sulli.

The October 10th broadcast of MBC’s ‘Radio Star’ was the ‘Top Child Stars’ special and featured young actors Park Ji Bin, Oh Jae Moo, Lee Sae Young and Noh Young Hak.

On the show, Park Ji Bin revealed that his first kiss was with Sulli, before she was intensely popular with f(x). Oh Jae Moo, who is known to be a fan of Sulli, expressed his jealousy by saying, “I’m in awe.”

Park Ji Bin explained, “I acted with Sulli once for ‘Banjun Drama’ and there was a scene in the mountains where I tripped and tumbled down and kissed Sulli.”

Park Ji Bin then teased Oh Jae Moo, “Why are you looking at me like that? Are you jealous?” However, he added, “I ended up getting a lot of hate from f(x) fans after the kiss scene.”

Oh Jae Moo hilarious replied, “I’m one of the f(x) fans who cursed out Park Ji Bin.”