MBLAQ G.O Declares Variety Interception “Why?”

MBLAQ G.O declares a variety interception/halt in the middle of recording of Idol Manager.

Scheduled to be broadcasted on this coming 19th, MBC Every1 “Idol Manager” episode 10 will reveal MBLAQ member Seungho and Chundoong’s birthday party that was prepared by G.O, Lee Joon, Mir andthe three female ‘beauties’ (Park Kyung Lim, Kim Sae Rom and Jeon Yul).

During that day, 2AM member, Changmin, came to the set as surprise guest for Seungho and Chundoong’s birthday party. He sang Happy Birthday song live on set, which was a very heartwarming scene. Towards that, G.O expressed that he also has to sing a song. Together with Mir, they sang the eating booger song, in which booger is the song’s theme.

When Changmin saw it, he expressed “When G.O was in Tykeys last time, he was very suave. Yet, he’s singing this kind of booger song here…” G.O was at a loss of words upon hearing Changmin’s statement. Tykeys was the group that G.O was in before he debuted with MBLAQ.

Audiences joked about requesting him to go back to his past self, causing G.O to express in a state of emergency “I want to declare a variety interception/halt” which causes the whole set to break into laughter.

Source: ArtsNews