Lee Joon's mother praises Oh YeonSeo in WGM

OhYeonseo had her first phone call with Lee Joon's (MBLAQ) mother.

On the latest episode of MBC 'We Got Married' that was broadcasted on the 20th shows scenes of Oh Yeonseo-Lee Joon's gardening their garden.

It started with Oh Yeonseo together with Lee Joon holding the seedlings of various vegetables gardening at the garden in the We Got Married village. However, they went through a hard time for their first time in planting the seedlings.

At this time Lee Joon would like to ask help fro his mother and Oh Yeonseo tried to have her first phone call with his mother. A sudden phone call with her mother-in-law, On Yeonseo shows all signs of feeling nervous.

Seeing this Lee Joon stay beside Oh Yeonseo and coach her. Fortunately mother-in-law talks to Oh Yeonseo with a stable voice "I have seen you on TV you look really pretty" unfolding her flattery operation.

Also unlike the arrogant and charisma appearance while dealing with Lee Joon, she lowered her voice until the end of the phone call showing a upside-down attitude of a daughter-in-law.

Source: Xportsnews via Nate
Translated/Reuploaded: SilenceLuv@mblaqattack.net