Lee Jang Woo and Oh Yeon Seo to star in new MBC drama

Following the success of his previous series ‘I Do, I Do’, actor Lee Jang Woo is making a small screen comeback with upcoming MBC drama alongside actress Oh Yeon Seo.

The pair will make their appearance in MBC’s new daily series “Oh Ja Ryong is Coming” [translated title], set to hit the airwaves on November 12.

“Oh Ja Ryong is Coming” is a drama about Oh Ja Ryong (Lee Jang Woo), who devotes himself to save his beloved wife, Na Gong Joo (Oh Yeon Seo) and her family. Na Gong Joo who was brought up in a wealthy family will be leading the whole drama by solving various troubles.

The drama, written by Kim Sa Kyung, will be showing what the true meaning of family love is, and the struggles that young people have to go through to survive in the society.