Lee Hyori tries the horse dance

Lee Hyori recently tried out the popular horse dance.

On the most recent episode of XTM “Adrenaline” that aired on October 9th, Lee Hyori made a special guest appearance to help her friend and co-star from SBS “Family Outing”, Lee Chun Hee.

During the broadcast, Jung Gyeo Woon told that he once dreamed of becoming a singer, and Lee Hyori said, “I think you’ll make a great dancer. I’ll take a look,” suggesting an audition on the spot.

Jung Gyeo Woon got up on his feet and danced with all his passion. Lee Chun Hee then suggested, “Why don’t you do the horse dance, too?”

Then, Lee Hyori asked, “How does the dance go again?” starting to imitate it but she looked a little confused. She said, “I don’t know how to do this. I think I’m now too old.”